Water Stewards Course

Event Dates

  • Saturday, 10/21/2023 9:00 a.m. - 12:30 p.m.

Event Description

Become a Water Steward with our half-day workshop!

Participants will learn about how our local water system works and the human impact on water. You will also gain knowledge and skills about practical actions to conserve, protect, restore, and advocate for our local water systems. Learn the ins and outs of our local water system and get your water questions answered.

The program will give you the tools you need to implement water conservation, protection, and restoration actions in your life. To fully complete the program and receive the water steward certification, participants will complete a water action of their choosing with the support of Sustain Dane. Actions include planting a downspout garden, teaching your community what you learned, installing efficient water fixtures, and much more!

Water Stewards is based on the education and project model developed as part of the award-winning Sustain Dane recycling course.

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StartingBlock Madison

821 E Washington Ave 2nd floor, Madison, WI 53703


Contact Program Manager Lorenza Zebell at lorenza@sustaindane.org.

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