April 07, 2022
County Board Chair Analiese Eicher, (608) 571-6823
County Board

The Dane County Board Supervisors will meet tonight at 7:00p for the final meeting of the 2020-2022 Board term. The term marked by meeting the challenges of the pandemic, an increased focus on criminal justice reform, and the entire term held via virtual meetings.


Of the eleven Supervisors leaving the Board, five have been on the Board for more than ten years. Supervisor and State Representative Shelia Stubbs (District 23) served on the County Board from 2006-2022. When asked what Stubbs was most proud of from her time on the Board she remarked "I am honored to have represented, District #23 South Madison for 16 years. I am most proud of the following initiatives that I sponsored: Joining Forced for Families, The Community Restorative Courts (CRC), The Tamara Grigsby Office for Equity and Inclusion, Sexual Harassment Training, Criminal Justice Center (CJC) Assessment, Partners in Equity Grants, Food Equity Grants, Big Step Initiative, as instrumental in 23 developing a series of county public policy initiatives in 2015 known as "Access to Opportunity.", Dane County Equity and Analysis, funding for the Expungement Clinics, The Black Business Hub in South Madison, The Center for Black Excellence and Culture, Behavioral Health Resource Center with a grant named in honor of CJ Tubbs, and so much more."



When asked the same question, Supervisor Carousel Bayrd (District 8), who also served from 2006 – 2022 said "it has been an incredible honor to serve on the County Board for the past 16 years. We've expanded alternatives to incarceration-- from pretrial electronic monitoring and bail consideration that allows more people to be released from jail; to sentencing alternatives in expanded drug court, community service, and community court; to mental health crisis services and expanded resources outside the system; to restorative justice options within the DA's office.  None of this would have been possible without collaboration from all the criminal justice system partners and the community, and that in itself is a testament to the commitment to justice. I'm also incredibly proud of the first piece of legislation I authored, and that is the right to breastfeed in public.  I see the positive impacts of that legislation on a regular basis, and parents thank me for that legislation all the time."



Supervisor Jeremy Levin (District 10) who served on the Board from 2008-2022 indicated that "during my seven terms on the Board I'm most proud of the Human Services that we were able to preserve and expand during my time on the Health and Human Needs committee.  Also, I’m proud of the actions taken to improve our lakes by protecting water quality, while maintaining habitat and recreational needs."


In response to what she is most proud of Supervisor Dorothy Krause (District 27) who served from 2012 – 2022 said "I’m proud of helping to bring a greater understanding of both the needs of underserved communities and of how government works at various levels to residents of the City of Fitchburg."


Supervisor Chenoweth also served ten years on the Board, having been on from 2012 – 2022.


The Board will also be bidding farewell to the following Supervisors tonight:

District 9 Supervisor Steven Peters (2018 – 2022)

District 17 Supervisor Kristen Audet (2019 – 2022)

District 33 Supervisor Ann DeGarmo (2019 – 2022)

District 5 Supervisor Elena Haasl (2020 – 2022)

District 16 Supervisor Blaire Adkins (2020 – 2022)

District 19 Supervisor Timothy Rockwell (2021- 2022)


"We are fortunate to have had these Supervisors on the County Board dedicating their time, efforts, and expertise to the residents of Dane County. Their impact will be felt by the community for many years to come. I’m thankful to have served with them," said County Board Chair Analiese Eicher.


The Board will meet on Tuesday, April 19 at 7:00 pm for the organizational meeting where the 2022 – 2024 County Board will be sworn in and officers elected.