Three Dane County Board Supervisors Resign

August 18, 2023
County Board Chair Patrick Miles, (608) 886-9167
County Board

Process to fill vacancies announced


Three Dane County Board Supervisors have resigned from the Dane County Board.  Olivia Xistris-Songpanya who served District 13, which includes a large area of the UW Madison campus, resigned on Tuesday, August 15. 


"I am so thankful to have served District 13 and Dane County. I would like to thank all my colleagues, the staff on the Board, the hard working community members, and the constituents for giving me this opportunity. While on the Board, I am proud to have helped colleagues pass plans for a new county jail, a nearly decade long project in the works, pass a resolution to make Dane County a sanctuary county for the trans community, facilitate a $10,000 youth equity grant awarded to Dane Arts, and so much more," said Xistris-Songpanya.  "Thank you to County Executive Parisi for appointing me to the Dane Arts Commission and Commission on Sensitive Crimes where I expanded my knowledge on two important components to Dane County. I am grateful for the endless opportunities, connections and relationships made while serving on the Board."


Both Mike Bare and Alex Joers resigned effective August 18.  Bare served District 32, which includes the Verona area, and Joers served District 9 on the far West side of Madison.


Bare said, "I’m filled with gratitude as I end my time serving on the County Board.  I’m grateful to the voters of the 32nd District for trusting me to represent them. I appreciate my colleagues who I have learned so much from.  I’m proud to have worked on so many things that have improved peoples’ lives in Dane County. And I will cherish having more evenings with my wife and two sons and I so appreciate their support during my time on the County Board."


Bare recalled his proudest accomplishments including helping County workers access COVID leave benefits, and travel reimbursement for leaving Wisconsin to access reproductive care, as well as authoring a resolution to create the County’s Eviction Defense Program.  He also included championing the expansion of the Dane Double Dollars program that helps people stretch the value of their FOODSHARE benefits at farmers’ markets, helping the Dane County Housing Authority secure $3 million for improving the quality of its housing units and expanding its available units, and amending a plan for the new Dane County Jail to concretely investigate how to safely reduce the jail population.


Joers remarked, "the past three and a half years have been both rewarding and challenging, but I am forever grateful for the residents of Dane County for giving me the chance to serve them in local government.  I was proud to have made a difference whether it was in public health, sustainability, or community safety. This was an experience I will remember with great appreciation for my colleagues."


Joers pointed to the accomplishments of his time on the Dane County Board that include increasing small business relief funding across the county, advocating for training and mental health resources for Sheriff’s Deputies, securing $1.4 million for the east segment of the North Mendota Trail, and working with partners to establish a highly successful gun buyback program in the wake of the Uvalde, Texas school shooting.


Both Bare and Joers serve as representatives in the Wisconsin State Legislature.


County Board Chair Patrick Miles has announced the process for filling the vacancy in Supervisory District 13 (City of Madison Wards 56-59, 63-64), Supervisory District 32 (Town of Verona Wards 2-3; City of Verona), and Supervisory District 9 (City of Madison Wards 109-110, 113-114, 118-119, 138-141).   


"I greatly appreciate the leadership these Supervisors brought to the Board," said County Board Chair Patrick Miles.  "I wish them the best in their future endeavors."


County ordinances provide for a vacancy in the office of county supervisor occurring at this point in the term to be filled by temporary appointment by the County Board chairperson, with confirmation by the County Board.  The seats will then be subject to the regular spring election for all County Board districts, which will take place on April 2, 2024.  The County Board intends to act on the appointment at its regularly-scheduled meeting on September 21, 2023.  The annual salary is currently $11,423.47.


"Individuals interested in the District 9, 13, or 32 vacancies must submit a Declaration of Candidacy and appointment papers containing a minimum of 25 signatures of electors in the District to the Office of the Dane County Clerk, City-County Building, Room 106, by 4:30pm on Friday, September 1, 2023," said County Clerk Scott McDonell.  "Nomination papers may only be circulated by the candidate," he added. 


The Declaration of Candidacy and Nomination Papers can be found on the Dane County Clerk’s Office website:  Contact the Clerk’s Office with questions related to the required paperwork: (608) 266-4121.


Public hearings for each district, held in person, will be conducted by County Board Chair Miles as listed below:


The hearing for District 9 will take place on Wednesday, September 6 at 7:00pm at Hampton Inn and Suites Madison West, 483 Commerce Drive, Madison, WI 53719


The hearing for District 32 will take place on Wednesday, September 6 at 5:30pm at Hyatt Place Madison/Verona, 846 Liberty Drive, Verona, WI 53593


The hearing for District 13 will take place on Thursday, September 7 at 5:30pm at Union South, 1308 West Dayton Street, Madison, WI 53715.  The room number will be listed on the displays in the building. 


Interested applicants are welcome to attend the hearing to describe their qualifications for the position.  Written support can be submitted in advance to, and members of the public may register in writing at the hearing.



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