Jay Brower, Chad Kemp, and Steven Peters Appointed to Dane County Board

September 19, 2023
County Board Chair Patrick Miles, (608) 886-9167
County Board

Today County Board Chair Patrick Miles announced the appointments of Jay Brower, Chad Kemp, and Steven Peters to the Dane County Board.

•    Jay Brower will represent District 13 that includes City of Madison Wards 56-59, 63-64.
•    Chad Kemp will represent District 32 that includes Town of Verona Wards 2-3; City of Verona.
•    Steven Peters will represent District 9 that includes City of Madison Wards 109-110, 113-114, 118-119, 138-141.

The vacancies in the three districts occurred when Mike Bare, Alex Joers, and Olivia Xistris-Songpanya, resigned from the Board.  

The full Board will consider the appointments at their September 21st meeting.  Contingent upon County Board approval, Jay Brower, Chad Kemp, and Steven Peters will immediately be sworn in, take their seats on the Board floor, and will then participate in the meeting.   The three will serve through the remainder of the 2022-2024 County Board term.   

"I was pleased that multiple people applied in each district," Chair Miles said. "The quality of the applicants made this a difficult decision. I think each person I am appointing holds views consistent with the incumbent the voters last chose. I look forward to working with them as we address important issues in the coming budget cycle.”  

The hearings for all three districts were held on September 6th and 7th and included several candidates in each district.  

In District 9 there were two candidates: Steven Peters and John Wallaeger.
In District 13 there were three candidates: Travis Austin, Jay Brower, and Sara Redford.
In District 32 there were four candidates: Nathan Graewin, Chad Kemp, and Matt Neuhaus, and Lachlann Swanson.

Jay Brower is a lead organizer for SEIU Wisconsin with an interest in public service.  He said the top issues facing the district are housing, climate change, and criminal justice reform.  

Chad Kemp is an attorney as well as the President of the Verona City Council.  He said the most pressing issues for the district include the growth of the district both suburban and rural, land use, food insecurity, and bike and recreational paths.   

Steven Peters is the District Administrator for the Worker’s Compensation at the State of Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development, and previously served on the Dane County Board from 2018-2022.  He said the priorities for the district include public safety, bridging the rural/urban divide, and addressing mental health needs throughout the county.

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