Dane County Parks: 2011 Archery Access Permits

August 19, 2011
Darren Marsh, Parks Director, Dane County Parks (608) 224-3766
Land & Water Resources

Reminder for archer’s interested in the seeking a Dane County Parks Archery Access Permit for 2011 that the deadline for submitting an online application is Sunday August 21, 2011.  The program provides opportunities to hunt deer and turkey on specific county lands to those archers with the required State licenses.  

Since 2002, Dane County Parks has issued a limited number of Archery Access Permits to hunt deer within Dane County properties, offering hunters a safe and enjoyable recreational experience.  The program now includes approximately 4,300 acres of county lands (Park Properties Included can be found at www.countyofdane.com/lwrd/parks/archery_maps.aspx .  This year, 178 Limited Access Archery Permits will be available.  Youths 15 years of age and younger, may accompany and hunt under the direction of a valid permit holder.

Participants 16 years of age and older are limited to one permit, non transferable, for one property for the fall hunting season.  Archers who would like to participate in the archery program will have until midnight, August 21, 2011, to apply online at www.co.dane.wi.us/lwrd/parks/hunting.aspx .  Applicants can apply one time only for the sites they may be interested in.  The fee for the online application is $3.  On August 22, 2011, there will be a random computer drawing and successful applicants will then have until September 6, 2011, to pick up their Access Permits at the Dane County Parks Office, 1 Fen Oak Ct., Room 208, Madison WI 53718.  The cost of the permit remains at $12 to cover the program administration costs.

Dane County also offers hunting opportunities that require no access permit.  Since 2007, the Park Commission has designated specific lands as County Wildlife Areas, similar to State Wildlife Areas.  Dane County has approximately 1,300 acres designated as Wildlife Areas and is working on plans for additional properties.  To find out more information on the County Wildlife Areas and all public lands open to hunting within Dane County, please check the Hunting Opportunities page of the Parks web site at  www.countyofdane.com/lwrd/parks/ or contact Dane County Parks at  608-224-3730.

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